Why do you buy brand name clothing? Because you're buying a nice looking, quality product from a reliable company, right? After all, most high-end companies will ensure superior quality in order to uphold their reputations. This usually means that the bigger the name, the bigger the price tag.

Aside from purchasing brand names for quality, some consumers prefer showing their identity through the visual appearance of their clothing (among other things) which allows them to be known as status symbols, both rich and distinct. Some image conscious consumers say they buy brand name clothing because the styles represent who they are as an individual. Brand names continuously wander in our subconscious and most of the time fail to take on real meanings. Relevance seems to be the key to reception. 

Well-known brand names use strategies to own a very specific space and perception in the minds of us all (their target audience) and, automatically, we as humans attach more value to it. Without the robust advertising, media exposure, fancy labels and price tags, the same article of clothing with a brand name is much more valuable than without. It has become impossible for people to gauge the difference between the actual articles of clothing and clothing brands. A high price doesn't guarantee high quality or status. Quality and status are subjective.

Think about it. Other than quality (sometimes) and displaying status, does wearing clothing with a "BRAND NAME" on it really mean anything to you? Does your perception of attire change if you are still wearing BRANDNAME clothing?


We are not anti-materialists or anti-capitalists. We are socially conscious and have a purpose above commercial intent.

Our focus is to inspire uniqueness and raise awareness against the divisiveness in fashion and judgmental behaviors. Our responsibility is not driven by consumer demand, but by acknowledging the importance of what really matters. Brand names have too much influence and pressure on us as a society. People should associate with brands that help them tell the world who they are. The brands we choose to use on a daily basis should say something about us as individuals. We should all buy what we believe in and dive beyond preexisting clichés.

We strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one attainable experience for everyone. One that is simple, meaningful, compelling and timeless.

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A portion of the proceeds will be donated to charity.